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Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment

Our Levels of Care

World Class Treatment And Compassionate Care

At The Cabin we know that no two people are exactly the same, and what you need at any given time may change based on both your circumstances and where you are on your journey through life.

Many of our clients come to The Cabin for intensive treatment for a specific issue or issues. Others may already be in recovery but seeking new ways to continue the work they began in a residential or intensive outpatient treatment programme.

Knowing what’s right for you can be difficult.
We can help you find the ideal fit that meets not only your needs right now, but where you ultimately want to be. 

Wherever you are on your journey through life The Cabin has a range of treatment options at every level of care capable of helping you get to where you want to be and all of them tested by time.

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Residential Treatment - Is it Right for Me?

Whatever you may be struggling with, when an addiction takes over your life in such a way that it impacts your relationships, health, career prospects, employment, and day-to-day life, inpatient treatment at The Cabin allows someone to completely focus on getting healthy without interference from the triggers and distractions of everyday life.
Whether its drug or alcohol addiction, dependency linked to complex or acute trauma, residential treatment at The Cabin is focused upon dynamic transformations, addressing the root causes, removing the stumbling blocks that may set you back and transforming your life into one characterized by joy, gratitude, freedom and acceptance.

Residential Treatment at The Cabin

  • Residential program completed on site in Chiang Mai
  • A distraction-free experience allowing you to focus solely on recovery
  • Dynamic programs that address everything from addiction, dependency, acute and complex trauma, mental health issues, intimacy issues, disordered eating, gambling, sex addiction, love addiction/love avoidance
  • 24/7 nursing care and medical oversight and medication management
  • Includes therapy groups, individual counselling, peer support, education, exclusive one-on-one fitness training, holistic sessions, and aftercare
  • Exclusive holistic therapies including yoga, tension release exercise, sound healing, Mindfulness, Reiki, and weekly resiliency building excursions
  • Immersive focus on developing personal transformation and the recovery skills needed for post-treatment life
  • Seamless referral in the final weeks of your treatment into our global intensive outpatient network allowing you to step down after
  • Reach Out for Help

    If you or someone you love is struggling, we’re here for you. Instead of a quick fix, our compassionate team of experts at The Cabin is waiting to help you begin your journey toward long-term recovery that focuses on the whole person by addressing any underlying mental health conditions or trauma that may be perpetuating the addiction. For more information call our admissions team today.

    Outpatient Treatment - Is It Right for Me?

    After inpatient treatment is completed, transitioning back to autonomous living in today’s world of triggers may not be easy. For many people, their core issues may not require for them to access an inpatient level of care, but treatment is needed. This reality is what our Intensive Outpatient teams at The Cabin global network of outpatient clinics not only understand, but are trained to address. With Intensive Outpatient clinics in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and London, The Cabins unique program of extended care is always within reach.

    Intensive Outpatient Treatment – The Basics

  • Treatment can be completed while living at home
  • Less intensive schedules are designed for those who don’t require the higher level of residential care
  • The Cabin offers flexible day, evening, and virtual programs that allow clients to access help whilst continuing to attend university/school, go to work, or simply meeting their family obligations and responsibilities
  • The Cabins programs address a range of issues including addiction, dependency, trauma and mental health issues
  • Our outpatient programs include group sessions, peer support, psychoeducation, and individual counselling sessions
  • Our programs focus on developing the essential recovery skills clients need for life after treatment
  • The Cabins Intensive Outpatient Programmes

    The Cabins IOP programs offer a faster, and highly successful alternative to traditional weekly one to one therapy. Our programs are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and London and are all available via telehealth too. Designed for people who want to make a quick impact on their problems, The Cabins Intensive Outpatient programs are suitable for individuals and family members recovering from addiction and offer you a swift process to your recovery, with specialists committed to guide you along the way. Participating in The Cabins Intensive Outpatient Programs gives you the opportunity to take a focused, in-depth exploration of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and body sensations as well as habitual behaviours, like never before.

    When it comes to aftercare

    We want to make you a continuing care plan that fits and is unique to your needs and your lifestyle

    At The Cabin our sole aim is to help you get better in a way and a time frame that suits you best. So, when it comes to your continuing care, our global network of intensive outpatient programs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and London can offer you an extensive range of ongoing solutions, either in person or via telehealth.

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