Detox at The Cabin

First Step
in Recovery

Are you sick and tired of having a physical dependence of a substance? Are you looking to take that first, vital step into recovery but have fears over what detox will be like? The Cabin offers a supportive environment, free from judgement, where you can detox under professional medical supervision.

Detox in a safe and secure environment under professional medical supervision. Our detox programme length is one week but may vary depending on personal requirements as well as the substance and medical advice.

The Cabin A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment
Medical Detox at The Cabin
Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Our innovative detox programme is staffed by our fully licenced medical team which offers hands on care, around the clock. We combine top quality medical care with world-reknowned Thai hospitality, so you can feel safe and confident knowing that you’re being well taken care of. Our structured schedule ensures that clients are mentally stimulated and engaged during the detox process, which offers a perfect introduction to The Cabin’s world-leading addiction treatment programme. However, we recognise that the detox process is different for everybody, so we also tailor each schedule to your physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

Our Tranquil and Beautiful Setting Here in Chiang Mai

Along with our top quality in-house catering team preparing a bespoke menu of fresh food, designed to support your body through the detox process provides you with the optimal environment to start your recovery process. 

The Cabin: A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment

We want to support you every step of the way on your journey into recovery, and it starts with our industry-leading detox programme. If you have any more questions about our detox programme please feel free to reach out tom us anytime by either calling the number on our contact poage or simply filling in your details at the bottom of this page.


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