Physical Fitness Training

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Therapy Through Exercise

Physical Fitness Training

At The Cabin physical fitness plays a key role in your treatment program as we know how this fosters both self-discovery and a connection with purpose and discipline. The Cabin will ensure that your return to peak performance is supported by an individual personal training program designed to enhance your physical well-being designed to help you develop resilience, boost your self-esteem and help you to build strength whilst in treatment.

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Whether it’s about losing weight, gaining weight or developing core strength, at The Cabin, we offer a broad range of physical therapy options as part of our addiction treatment method. These include:

// Yoga
// Personal Training
// Mountain Biking
// Aqua Fitness
// Muay Thai

Each of our clients is provided with a uniquely customized programme tailored to their individual tastes and requirements, and this is augmented by a full mindfulness therapy regimen to enhance the recovery process.

"Aung is amazing. the best Personal trainer I've ever had. She has provided a brilliant programme, is always so happy and positive that really Is motivating. I will miss her team very much"

"My time with Aung got me into my best physical shape ever! Thank you for the encouragement, and FUN! "


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