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The Cabin is regularly featured in the media as one of the top addiction treatment centres in the world. Features have focused on our progressive treatment approach, high recovery rate, clinical team quality and the luxury of our surroundings.

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Get Out of The Comfort Zone & Beat the January Blues

For many of the nation once the festive season has ended the January Blues set in, and we start to feel low in mood, energy, and morale. The cold weather, dark mornings and going back to our everyday routines doesn’t help, but here’s what does! Lee Hawker-Lecesne MBPsS, Counsellor, and Lead Therapist at The Cabin has put together the following advice to help get you back on track!

Wellbeing Wednesday: How to Look After Your Mental Health This Christmas

For most people Christmas is a time of celebration, but for others it can be a stressful and testing time mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. In today’s Wellbeing Wednesday feature, Lee Hawker-Lecesne MBPsS reveals how to look after your mental health during this time.

How to Manage Social Anxiety at Christmas

With the global recession beginning to bite and the legacy of COVID still fresh in many people’s memories, Christmas 2022 will be an especially anxious time for many. Social anxiety or social phobia can affect anyone to a certain degree, and those who feel elevated levels of anxiety could struggle at this time. So, what exactly is social anxiety?

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Ways to Look After Your Mental Health This Christmas

For most people, Christmas is a time of celebration, but for others, it can be a stressful and testing time mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Typically, the Christmas and New Year holiday period presents heightened expectations of family togetherness, financial burden, and isolation, which can spur mental health worries and excessive alcohol, drugs, and food consumption as a means of coping with the stress of the season. As the first Christmas since the pandemic looms closer the realities of this will be brought home to many who lost their livelihoods or their loved ones.

The Art of Healthy Living

Muay Thai Boxing Heals Addiction and Creates Self-Discipline and Increased Self-Confidence

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse can often lead to angry, irrational, and potentially violent behaviour; so why would a rehab in Northern Thailand be teaching addicts to Muay Thai box? The use of physical activity as part of a drug rehabilitation programme is not particularly new. However, The Cabin has developed an approach that utilises the ancient art of Thai boxing. Their ‘Changing Pathways’ approach is the first-ever treatment programme to combine equal amounts of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and physical therapy in the form of Muay Thai Boxing and triathlon training to achieve recovery.

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The Importance of Mindfulness, Meditation & Fitness

Lee Hawker-Lecesne MBPsS, Lead Therapist and Addiction Counsellor at The Cabin, looks at how as a nation we are witnessing an exponential growth of mental health problems and how to challenge anxiety, depression, and obesity through mindfulness, meditation, and mental/physical fitness.

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The Alcohol Warning Signs That Might Mean You Have a Problem

A pint in the pub watching a game seems harmless enough. And it would be true to say that alcohol forms part of most people's ideas of a night out having fun, or perhaps watching a big sporting fixture. Because of that, it might be hard to spot the signs of a developing drinking problem.

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The Power of Alcohol on Our Lives: When is Drinking A Problem?

Even when alcohol is consumed in moderation, it wreaks havoc on our mind and body over time. So why do people continue their long-term relationship with alcohol?

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How Can Art Psychotherapy Benefit Employee Wellbeing?

What is art psychotherapy and how might it benefit employee health and wellbeing? Helen Seton introduces the practice and suggests how organisations might incorporate it into the working week.

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Research Reveals Cannabis-Induced Psychosis Can Impact Mental Health

Covid drastically changed people’s social habits. Surveys show that young people began smoking more and drinking less during Covid. As no sanctioned places are available for public consumption of marijuana, cannabis use remains something that people often do in their homes.

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Cannabis: A Mental Health ticking time bomb

Lee Hawker-Lecesne, Lead Therapist and Addiction Counsellor at The Cabin looks at the rise in cannabis use and how cannabis induced psychosis can have an overall impact on not only mental health and wellbeing, but also longer term life opportunities.

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COVID-19’s Legacy of Mental Health Problems

Lee Hawker-Lecesne Throughout the pandemic, we saw increasing numbers of people suffering from anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other mental health concerns. We also saw a sharp increase in addictive behaviours with social isolation and the loss of human connection resulting in some of the nation turning to alcohol and in some cases…

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