Affordable and Effective Treatment for Marijuana Addiction in Thailand

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Thailand

There are well over 150 million people who use Cannabis or Marijuana worldwide. The effects of marijuana use are often minimised by Hollywood and entertainers, whose movies and lyrics often portray Marijuana as a fun, harmless drug.

Some countries have started down the path of legalisation for Marijuana use – starting with decriminalisation. However, the effects of its use, including the risk of developing an addiction remain an important worldwide issue. The ever increasing volume of people seeking Marijuana addiction treatment is testament to the seriousness of the issue.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Marijuana Abuse

There are many benefits to receiving inpatient treatment for marijuana addiction. Some of the most frequently reported are:

1. Secluded Location

A residential rehab can offer clients the chance to remove themselves from the many triggers they encounter in their daily lives – such as certain people and places, and focus solely on their treatment. 

2. A busy schedule

With a full day of counselling and other forms of therapy, clients are kept busy throughout the day and have little time to entertain unhelpful thoughts and cravings, which can be particularly uncomfortable at the start of an addict’s recovery. 

3. One-to-one Counselling and Group Therapy

Both individual counselling and group therapy are integral parts to a successful recovery programme. One-to-one counselling allows the patient to address the issues behind their addiction, while group sessions allow clients to identify with others facing the same issues and learn from one another. 

4. 24-Hour Care

No matter the time of day, there are nurses, support workers and counsellors to help clients through emotional difficulties and cravings that almost always arise during treatment.

It is important to note that all treatment within the centre is kept strictly confidential at all times.

Is Residential Rehab for Marijuana Addiction Expensive?

While Inpatient treatment is indeed more expensive than outpatient treatment, for those who require more support in the early stages of their recovery, The Cabin Rehab provides luxury residential treatment at a fraction of the cost of equal or lesser quality treatment in Western countries due to the low operating costs here in Thailand.

Is Inpatient Treatment for Marijuana Addiction Covered by Insurance?

In many cases, yes it is. However, it is best to speak with our highly experienced administration staff to see whether your specific policy will cover you.

Why Choose The Cabin Rehab?

Recognised among the global medical community for its modern addiction treatment method, The Cabin has helped thousands of people recover from various substance and process addictions since its opening in 2010.

Our Western-trained therapists have decades of combined experience in treating addiction. Our world-class programme boasts a high completion rate and we are proud of our Family Programme, which we offer to all clients and their families. We strongly believe that the involvement of families in the addiction treatment process increases the chances of clients building a stronger and longer-lasting recovery. 

The Cabin: A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment

Clients also report that they are impressed by our tranquil riverside location. Our luxurious client villas sit along the banks of the Ping River amidst lush tropical gardens while the pool glistens in the Thai sun. If it weren’t from our therapeutic programme, one might mistake The Cabin grounds for a luxury holiday resort.

What Does Treatment at The Cabin Entail?

The first step in treatment for marijuana addiction at The Cabin is a personal client assessment. This will help our therapist get a better understanding of each client’s personal needs before embarking on the full addiction treatment programme.

Our comprehensive and effective treatment for marijuana addiction at The Cabin is called ‘Changing Pathways’ and primarily uses a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a modernised version of the 12 Steps, as well as mindfulness therapy. We complement these methods with physical therapy (yoga, personal training etc.) as well as art and drama therapies as well as some other somatic (body) therapies.

Highly Skilled Therapists at the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Thailand

Clients will also be equipped with a personalised relapse prevention plan. so, by the end of treatment, and beyond, clients at The Cabin will have the skills needed to get back out in the ‘real world’ and build a life in recovery worth holding on to.

How Long Does Treatment Take for Marijuana Addiction?

When it comes to Marijuana addiction treatment, every case is a little different. In most cases, clients will stay 28 days at our inpatient facility, which is typically enough to get the client clean and sober. However, in more severe cases, it may be suggested that clients stay up to 3 months in order to build a solid base for their recoveries.

Is a Medically Supervised Detox Necessary?

While withdrawal symptoms from Marijuana alone are not life threatening, they can be quite unsettling for many clients. The physical discomfort can be managed effectively by our medical team. However, the emotional roller coaster that clients typically go through in the early stages of Marijuana withdrawal can be particularly distressing. Without the benefit of inpatient treatment and the inherent higher levels of support, many users will tend to give up at this point and go back to using.

What Happens After Inpatient Treatment?

The Cabin Aftercare Programme is available for all graduating alumni, and we strongly recommend that clients take advantage of this opportunity. We realise that recovery really starts when clients go back home and integrate their new-found knowledge into their daily lives. Our counsellors make themselves available to all alumni upon their return home and will be with you every step of the way.

Is an ‘Addiction to Marijuana’ Actually Possible?

It is a common and unfortunate misconception that developing an addiction to Marijuana is impossible – and as such, many people who show symptoms of marijuana addiction do not seek help. 

With Marijuana being one of the most widely abused drugs globally, addiction is more common than many people think.

When a joint after work to relax or a smoke socially with friends at a party turns into something that one needs to get you through a regular day, you are looking at the first signs of marijuana addiction.

The Long-term Effects of Marijuana Addiction

There are numerous short-term  and long-term effects of Marijuana abuse, but some of the most worrisome long-term effects are as follows:

  • Increased hunger referred to as ‘the munchies’ can lead to health problems, including weight gain over time
  • Loss of interest in usual daily activities (work, school, hobbies, etc.)
  • Slowed reactions and decreased problem-solving abilities
  • Poor coordination
  • Paranoia or distorted perceptions.Other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis (for some)

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