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The Cabin offers safe and effective inpatient alcohol addiction treatment. Praised as having the strongest treatment programme in Thailand, our purpose-built rehabilitation centre is located along the Ping River just outside the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand and boasts a highly-accredited, world-class team of therapists as well as a unique and effective treatment programme.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Thailand:
A Treatment Programme that Works

The Cabin’s residential rehab centre in Thailand has received praise from industry leaders and referrers for its comprehensive and effective inpatient treatment programme. Our unique method, Changing pathways, combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), our own modernised and secular version of the 12 Steps programme as well as Mindfulness Meditation, with an additional emphasis on physical fitness. We also use trauma-informed therapy to address underlying issues that trigger addiction. This innovative and world-class treatment programme is unique to any other treatment offered in Thailand and is complemented by our highly accredited staff, and of course, the warm hospitality of Thai locals.

Highly Skilled Therapists at the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Thailand

Highly Skilled Therapists at the Best Rehabilitation Centre in Thailand

The Cabin Rehab boasts an impressive team of western-trained and licensed counselling specialists. Each of our team members holds many years of experience in treating alcohol abuse and addiction. In addition to their years of counselling education, many of our counsellors are also able to aid our clients through their personal experiences of addiction and recovery. We at The Cabin are proud of our clinical team , who represent the very best in alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand.

We also have a full-time medical team consisting of leading psychiatrists, several psychologists and a warm, welcoming nursing team who are there to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thailand is frequently called ‘the land of smiles’ – and upon joining us here at The Cabin and meeting our warm and welcoming in-house medical team, there will be no doubt about how Thailand got its name.

With our warm hospitality, effective treatment programme and highly trained team you can expect only the highest level of care that any rehabilitation centre in Thailand specialising in alcohol addiction treatment can offer.

The Cabin Rehab: Affordable Inpatient Treatment For Alcoholism

Clients at The Cabin reside in private villa accommodation which is nestled alongside the Ping River in the Northern Thai countryside. The tranquil and lush gardens keep our clients cool as they walk the expansive property, keeping busy with our physical fitness programmes as well as yoga, meditation and swimming – not to mention their therapy and treatment sessions.

Aside from our comprehensive treatment programme, it would be easy to confuse The Cabin with a luxury resort instead of a rehabilitation centre. 

The Cabin: A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment

The low of living in Chiang Mai allows for accommodations with this level of luxury and the chance to keep costs low – which means we can provide world-class and luxurious rehab facilities for only a fraction of the cost of a similar (or lesser) centre in western countries. All it would take is one walk around the grounds to be convinced that The Cabin is the perfect place for you or your loved one to start their journey of recovery from alcohol addiction.

What is the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Treatment
in Thailand?

Even though we have an incredibly luxurious rehab centre, we are able to keep costs quite low – often less than half of the prices in Western countries. Although the cost does depend on the length of time you’ll be spending with us. So, it’s best to speak with one of our staff members so you can get the best information for your own personal needs. 

When Can I Start?

When it comes to getting help for alcohol addiction, time is often of the essence. Our friendly staff will do their very best to get you a room as quickly as possible so you can start your journey into recovery, and towards a happy, healthy life.

The first, and most important step is to give us a call so we can take the first step together.


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