Affordable Residential Treatment for GHB Addiction in Thailand

Effective Treatment for GHB Addiction
The first part of a GHB addict’s journey to recovery often involves an intervention. This is the time when the addict may take some time to reflect or go directly to a GHB addiction treatment centre. During this period, the support of friends and family members is extremely important.

At The Cabin, we include a 3-day family addiction treatment programme as part of our world-class treatment model. Family members of clients are encouraged to join our free programme as it has been proven to help family members better understand how the disease of addiction works. Oftentimes, it is easier for GHB users to achieve long-term addiction recovery and avoid a relapse in the future when they can surround themselves with a solid support network. If an individual has a mild GHB addiction, he or she can consider seeking treatment from outpatient GHB addiction treatment centres. This is a viable option for those recovering from GHB abuse who can maintain most of their daily obligations. If they cannot function productively in daily life, inpatient GHB addiction treatment would be highly recommended. The duration of an inpatient rehab programme can vary. It largely depends on the severity of the GHB addiction. At The Cabin Rehab, our clients usually stay with us for at least a month, and it is common for recovering GHB addicts to extend their stay up to 12 weeks.

Is a Medically Supervised Detox Required for GHB Addiction

In many cases, yes. A medically supervised detox programme may be required as part of a safe treatment programme. Normally, this part of the process is outsourced to an external hospital, but here at The Cabin Rehab, we have a hospital on-site fully equipped with medical staff to supervise your medical detox at no extra cost. If you have previously abused GHB and have had to go through a process of detoxification, you may have experienced an array of withdrawal symptoms, including profuse sweating, anxiety, and insomnia. For many in this situation, it is quite common for the person to overlook their overall health. For example, they may ignore the need to hydrate themselves from profuse sweating or they may overlook their need to maintain a healthy and nutritious eating plan. A reputable treatment facility like The Cabin can help you cope with these symptoms. Additionally, your recovery process will be more comfortable. When your system is finally clean, you can start working through your GHB addiction rehab programme with your counsellor and peers.

Why Choose The Cabin Rehab For Your GHB Addiction Treatment?

The Cabin A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment

Since The Cabin’s inception in 2010, our efforts in effectively treating a wide variety of addictions have been recognised and praised by the global medical community. Our residential rehab centre is composed of Western-trained therapists who possess decades of combined experience in treating GHB addiction as well as addiction to other substances and behaviours.

The Cabin Rehab’s treatment method uses mindfulness therapy, 12 Step programmes for addiction recovery as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) together to develop an incredibly effective treatment programme. Our addiction recovery experts are also trained to help our clients personalise their relapse prevention plans to best support the after-rehab recovery process and to avoid relapse situations. When you choose The Cabin Rehab, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that our inpatient GHB treatment services are safe, effective and affordable.

Our Inpatient Therapy Programme for GHB Addiction Offers Some Great Benefits, including

  • Secondary Substance Abuse Issues: Many GHB users suffer from secondary substance addiction. This can happen when they mix GHB usage with meth, alcohol, and other club drugs. It is pertinent that you avoid hiding other conditions from your addiction counsellor. When you are upfront with us, we can treat both of your substance addictions simultaneously.
  • Dual Diagnosis: We have also encountered many sufferers of GHB Addiction to present with secondary mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Addiction can often be a lonely and difficult road. So, mental health issues,  like the ones mentioned above, tend to go hand in hand with addiction. Here at The Cabin, we address both the clients’ addictions as well their secondary issues. 
  • A Secluded Location: We understand that some of our clients associate their drug use with their home city and previous peers. You do not have to feel trapped any longer. The location of our residential centre allows you to take a step back and tackle the recovery process with a clear mind. Having been removed completely from the triggers of your GHB addiction, our tranquil location will not only calm you but keep you grounded from the inside out.
  • Stress-Free Environment: Our members of staff will schedule treatment sessions for our clients. We also provide laundry services to ensure that our clients always have clean and fresh clothes to wear. Our rehab facility even offers well-planned, delicious, healthy meals. We also teach mindfulness meditation and incorporate yoga sessions, reiki treatments and massage therapy. During residential GHB dependency treatment, the only thing clients need to think about is getting healthy. 
  • Confidentiality: We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously. The only people that will know of your treatment with us are the people you have nominated. Your privacy is ensured here at The Cabin.
  • 24-Hour Care: We keep our clients safe by having clinical and medical members of staff working around the clock. If you do not feel well or require some extra support we’ll be with you every step of the way. 
  • Comprehensive Treatment Programme: We want our clients to get the most out of their recovery programme. The Cabin Rehab offers beneficial wellness therapies that reinforce and complement our main programmes such as drama therapy, art classes, yoga classes, physical fitness classes and many more.

How Much Does Residential Treatment for GHB Addiction Cost?

GHB inpatient recovery programmes that are facilitated in luxury rehab centres, can cost more than US$30,000 per month. If you do not have adequate insurance coverage, inpatient addiction treatment can be costly. If you are suffering from a mild GHB addiction, and choose to engage with an outpatient service provider, you may need to pay approximately US$1,000 per month. It is possible that you may also need to initially go through a detox programme in a medical facility. Medical detox from GHB can last as long as two weeks with the costs not typically covered by most rehabs as an external medical facility is required. These things add up to your total costs. However, it all depends on your needs and personal preferences. Oftentimes, rehab programmes are tailored to your needs. Hence, there are no fixed rates when it comes to GHB treatment. At The Cabin, we work out payment plans with our clients so that they can receive the treatments they need immediately, without the worry of money. If you would like more information about our payment options, please speak to one of our highly trained members of staff.

Is Inpatient GHB Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance?

GHB addiction treatment can be covered by medical insurance policies, which means you may be able to use your primary medical insurance policy or supplemental health insurance policy to pay for your GHB addiction treatment. If you are younger than 26 years, your treatments could be covered by your parent’s insurance plans. It is important that you check with your insurer if either your, or your parent’s policies cover a part or the entire cost of the rehab programme. The Cabin Rehab works with a number of different insurance companies, contact us today to see how we can help you.

What Happens After Residential Treatment for GHB Addiction?

The primary goal of GHB addiction treatment is to help each client return to his or her original life without further drug dependence. When we determine that a client is ready to enter the real world again, he or she will be encouraged to take trips outside our rehab facility. For example, we may take our clients on local walks or visit a local restaurant or cafe so that they can get acquainted with life after addiction. Next, we will get the entire family involved by arranging a simple day out. This allows our clients to bond with their families again. If family members are unavailable in a certain client’s case, we will get them to bond with trusted friends, who are not associated with their past drug use. GHB addiction treatments will also be followed up with therapy. This helps our clients deal with various feelings that may arise in the real world after treatment. 

Step 3: Registration, Deposit & Travel Arrangements

For example, some clients may feel embarrassed about their previous behaviour or they may find it difficult to approach certain family members even after becoming clean from drugs. We’ve found that new recovering addicts need a long time to fully adapt to their new life, and the process may demand a significant amount of willpower and dedication.

Our counsellors and therapists will stay in touch with our clients to ensure that they have a strong support network that will keep them working toward a sober life. We also offer a sober house in Chiang Mai City where clients can continue their aftercare treatment within a therapeutic environment while taking ownership and responsibility for their own recovery.

Some More Information About GHB Addiction

Many people mistakenly believe that GHB is a substance that is not addictive and is relatively harmless. Unfortunately, These assertions are untrue. GHB is indeed an addictive drug with serious long-term effects for the user. With prolonged use, the drug can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. GHB has managed to stay under the radar for some time because information on GHB addiction and rehab treatment was not readily available. Previously, it was only known as a ‘date rape drug’. However, this is quickly changing with more widespread use. Individuals use GHB by dosing at one or three-hour intervals. Some users may take heavier doses at night. Basically, dosing happens around the clock. That is why GHB addiction can develop so quickly. Most addicts develop an addiction in just a few weeks. GHB addicts use the substance as an anti-ageing substance, a weight loss agent, a workout booster, a sleep aid or even an antidepressant. The systematic and daily pattern of their GHB intake places them at a much greater risk for GHB addiction. In most cases, the individual does not even realise that they are using the drug around the clock. Some GHB addicts treat the drug as they would a supplement. They may even swear by the “wonderful” benefits they feel they are seeing. However, they are not aware of their own radical and bizarre behaviour changes. For example, ‘head snaps’ – the individual’s head suddenly snaps back in an involuntary motion. A GHB user may experience several minutes of blackouts and ‘twitching’ after a dose. Head-snapping typically occurs after that. Such episodes may occur only after heavy doses or after every dose. In most cases, GHB users will have no recollection of these episodes.

What Exactly Is GHB?

GHB or Gamma HydroxyButyric acid is a drug that comes as either a white powdery substance or as an odourless liquid. Its street names include Goop, Liquid X and Liquid Ecstasy. GHB is also mixed with alcohol at raves and dance clubs – often as an attempt to incapacitate someone for nefarious purposes, such as date rape. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has thus classified GHB as a predatory drug – the reason being that the drug increases suggestibility and passivity in the victim. Additionally, the victim will have no recollection of events that happened while under the influence of the drug. Unfortunately, GHB is easy to manufacture, making it cheap and readily available. Gamma HydroxyButyric acid is also classified as a Schedule 1 Central Nervous System (CNS) depressant, meaning that the drug has high abuse potential. However, the most common use of GHB is for enhancing an individual’s ability to enjoy socialisation at parties, bodybuilders are also known abusers of the drug. They believe that GHB can help stimulate muscle growth by elevating certain levels of the human growth hormone.

Effects and Risks of GHB Addiction

The addictive effects of GHB depend on the size of the dose, how often and how long the user has been taking the substance. When taken in small doses, individuals can feel instant relief from their depression or anxiety while others may experience drowsiness and euphoria. Still, others can display aggressive behaviour or have visual hallucinations. Some of the common effects of high GHB doses include

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Unconsciousness
  • Lowered body temperature
  • Slowed breathing (respiratory depression)
  • Drop in heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Death

The effects of GHB usage can worsen when combined with other illicit substances such as ecstasy, cocaine, alcohol or marijuana. However, GHB usage can be fatal even without other drugs. High doses of the drug may result in severe respiratory depression, profound sedation, coma, intense seizures and death. Individuals who have been taking GHB for long periods of time, whether as prescribed by a doctor or recreationally, can experience a wide range of symptoms, including

  • Seizures
  • Extreme levels of anxiety
  • Pain in muscles
  • Cardiovascular collapse
  • Oral infections and mouth sores
  • Amnesia
  • Headaches
  • Slurred speech
  • Hallucinations
  • Difficulty concentrating

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