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Affordable Inpatient Treatment for Internet Addiction in Thailand

Internet Addiction Treatment
in Thailand

Internet addiction is increasing at a rapid rate worldwide. Smartphones, tablets and laptops hooked up to the internet have found their way into much of our daily lives at work, school and at home. The net provides a multitude of communication, learning, entertainment and business opportunities. However, there are negative aspects of being connected at all times as well.

Millions of people suffer from internet addiction around the world, which is negatively affecting their lives. Without a doubt, the raised profile of social media and other forms of internet usage, including streaming, has increased the number of people that have actively sought out internet addiction treatment.

Internet Addiction is a Type of Behavioural/Process Addiction

Essentially, Internet addiction is the compulsive overuse of the internet. Just go to any restaurant or cafe these days, and you can see for yourself where people are with a group of friends, and not a single one is talking to another – instead, they are all seated at a table together pursuing individual activities via the internet. 

Internet games and social media outlets are major aspects of internet addiction. 

Just like other behavioural or process addictions (such as gambling and sex), an internet addict’s reward centre of the brain lights up just at the thought of being online. Often this is associated with a feeling of being connected. When a person loses the ability to connect to others in real life, or when internet usage is negatively disrupting other parts of their life such as work, school or relationships, this is considered internet addiction.

What Are Some of the Signs of Internet Addiction?

the Signs of Internet Addiction

Because the internet is so intertwined with modern life, it is difficult to know when your internet usage has become problematic. Some indicators include losing sleep and keeping irregular hours solely because of internet use, preferring to spend time online rather than with the people we care about as well as fantasising about the next time you can log on.

Some of the Effects of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction can cause many negative effects on a person’s life, including:

  • Decreased productivity and effectiveness regularly browsing the internet, checking email or social media or playing online games cuts into work or school time, causing productivity to suffer.
  • Diminished social life people suffering from internet addiction tend to go out and interact with friends and family less and less over time.
  • Distortion of time many internet addicts lose complete track of time once they are online. Checking email can often turn into hours of surfing the web or other online activities before they become conscious of it. 
  • Escapism more of a reason for internet addiction rather than solely an effect, many internet addicts use online communities as a way of escaping real-life issues. With problems left unaddressed, addicts will delve deeper into online communities while losing touch with reality.
  • Depression it is difficult to determine whether depression causes internet addiction or if internet addiction causes depression. Likely, both scenarios are equally possible. However, what can be agreed upon is the negative effect internet addiction has on the sufferer’s overall mood and ‘zest for life’. 
  • Social anxiety being online for increasing periods of time can make it increasingly more difficult to deal with face-to-face situations and can cause severe bouts of social anxiety when an addict is forced into social situations.
  • Back or wrist pain both are associated with long periods of computer use.

Types of Internet & Gaming Addiction Treatments Available

Internet and gaming addiction can be treated successfully through both inpatient addiction treatment as well as outpatient. Which one is more effective for the addict largely depends on each person’s situation and the severity of their addiction. Outpatient treatment requires the addicted person to attend counselling sessions several times per week as they still maintain their day-to-day obligations. This is normally reserved for those whose internet addiction is not yet too severe. However, in more severe cases – or when an addict simply wants to focus completely on addiction recovery, inpatient addiction treatment is recommended. In these cases, the addict is required to live at the residential rehab centre while receiving treatment.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Internet & Gaming Addiction

Firstly, because internet addiction is so ingrained in daily life, many internet addicts find it incredibly beneficial to be removed from ‘regular’ life. Staying at a treatment centre for a period of time will allow them to completely unplug from the internet and technology. This makes it easier to deal with urges and cravings to use the internet, as they are in a new environment where the internet is simply not accessible.

Some of the other benefits of residential rehab include:

  • Individual and group counselling sessions. The weekly treatment schedule includes one-on-one therapy sessions and daily group therapy sessions. Both types of counselling are absolutely essential to successful addiction recovery.
  • Complete confidentiality. Treatment that occurs behind the doors of an inpatient rehab centre is completely confidential.
  • Around-the-clock support. At all times of the day and night, there is a counsellor or support worker available to talk clients through cravings or any other feelings or emotions that may arise during treatment.
  • Less stress. All Meals are provided and laundry is cleaned on a daily basis. There are even staff members there to remind clients where they need to be and when for therapy sessions. The only thing that clients at a residential rehab need to worry about is getting better.

Why Choose The Cabin Rehab?

Unlike with Alcohol and Other Drugs, complete abstinence from internet use is not realistic in today’s modern world – which is why The Cabin uses a unique treatment method, Changing pathways, created specifically to treat those addictions in which abstinence is not possible.

Using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and mindfulness therapy our treatment programme teaches clients the coping skills and tools necessary to develop healthy internet usage patterns.

The Cabin A Serene and Healing Environment for Substance Addiction Treatment

Many addiction centres do not have experience with these types of addiction, but the Western-trained counsellors we have at The Cabin are highly trained and knowledgable in these areas and have vast experience in treating all types of behavioural addictions, including internet and gaming addiction. Our treatment programme boasts a high completion rate and is offered at a fraction of the cost of similar or lesser luxury rehab centres in the West.


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