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Testimonials: Our Client’s Journey

The Cabin has successfully treated a diverse range of people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. The process of entering rehab and starting on the road to recovery literally transforms people’s lives, giving them new purpose, hope and direction. The testimonials below are taken from some of our clients and wonderfully express the new direction their lives have taken after treatment at The Cabin.

What Our Clients are Saying...

Client’s Recovery Journey

OVERCOMING ALCOHOL & COCAINE ADDICTION | Written by: a recovering addict

Written by: A recovering addict

I am almost 46 years old and my life is a disaster. There aren't any rehab options for Westerners living here in Hong Kong. A friend told me about The Cabin in northern Thailand so I decided to give it a try. My programme lasted 28 days. The counsellors introduced me to the 12 steps which we worked on every day. Rehab was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Four weeks of digging up the past and talking about my abuse wasn't easy. But I was able to let go and start to appreciate and trust myself again.

I am now sober and enjoying life. It still amazes me when I look back at where I was and how far I have come today. For the first time in nearly a decade I feel whole again. I know there are people out there just like me. People who are caught up in drugs, alcohol and gambling. Addiction is not fulfilling. Take it from me, someone who has been there. Addiction is only an attempt to fill a void in your life. My advice to anyone out there who is suffering from addiction, is to give yourself a chance to feel whole again. Go to rehab and get clean. Life can be pretty amazing if you only give it a chance. Many thanks to The Cabin for helping me to see that.

Written by: A family member of a recovering addict

This letter comes with enormous gratitude from our entire family. I wish I could put into words how you have helped my son. Until recently, my wife and I were in a really bad situation. “Anish's” drinking was out of control. My other sons wanted him out of the house. His drinking problem was tearing our family apart.

At first I wasn't sure anyone could help him. Now I know that sending him away was the best thing we could ever do for him. He is no longer drinking and we are slowly learning to become a family again. I know this is a slow process as his brothers have a lot of resentment and need to learn to trust him again. “Anish” spoke very highly of your centre. I know he wasn't sure he really needed help but spending a month there must have changed his mind. He really connected with your counsellors and some of the other patients there. He said he loved Thailand and couldn't wait to go back. Now, “Anish” is sober and looking for work. We all believe in him and hope that he finds happiness. We are forever grateful to you and your staff.

Testimonial Client in Recovery


My addiction started when I was 15. Due to extraordinary circumstances I had access to a large sum of money, which I began using to gamble. At 16, the gambling lead to heavy cocaine use and by the time I went to university my addictions had also progressed to heroin; this continued for 14 years. During this period, I dropped out of university and spent the majority of my time travelling, partying and attempting various stints at a number of addiction treatment centres; in the past ten years I've entered over 20 rehabilitation centres all over the world. Not only has this affected my life and the decisions I have made but it has caused a tremendous amount of pain for my family as well. My mother would always be anticipating that phone call with the news that her first son is dead. My brother and sister, who don't use, would hear all these horrible stories about me from others, which caused them so much despair; it's like they never really had an older brother.

I felt like hope was running out; I've tried so many different attempts to get clean but all with no change, thus no success. In January last year I was in a really hopeless state. I had just completed two 28 day programs in South Africa but relapsed once again and continued to use for another 3 months. It was then that I sought help in Cape Town and was recommended to The Cabin Chiang Mai. I arrived there with the expectation that it would be very much the same as all of the other treatment centres I've been to but from the energy and warmth I felt the minute I arrived, I knew I was wrong. Unlike other treatment centres, the programme itself is completely different; I've never experienced a treatment centre that cover step 1and 2 so comprehensively. They use mind maps to really engrave the images in your mind and the unique teachings of CBT played a huge role in helping me to finally begin overcoming my addiction. I now have clarity behind the reasons I react to certain situations and this is the first time I can see my behaviour evolving.


My name is George and I am a recovering alcoholic. I grew up and Holland and have held a long and distinguished career in Information Technology. At the age of 46, I realised I was an alcoholic, a workaholic and had an addiction to Benzodiazepam.

Going into a rehab in the first place was very difficult. Getting that treatment over 6000 miles from home was an even bigger step. The second part was admitting I needed help. When you are a high achiever, like I am, it is even more difficult since sometimes it feels as though your life and everything you do is under a microscope. The Cabin is located in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Though at times it was difficult, it made sense to be removed from the “real” life out there and all its temptations. Being at The Cabin helped keep us ‘addicts' away the strong impulses of abusing so often triggered in our daily lives back home.

I have to say that my experience at The Cabin was one of serenity. I gained a deep level of understanding about my addiction. I felt I did the right thing. I took the right step towards my recovery. As a matter of fact I think my experience will stay with me for the rest of my life, helping me to stay sober and on the right track.

I found the excursions to be extremely therapeutic. It gave me something to look forward to every week. I had the opportunity to try things I have never tried before. One Sunday we went on jungle canopy tour. Zip lining through Thailand's national parks was an experience I will never forget.

I would have to say that their programme impacted many aspects of my life. Physically, I feel stronger. They place a strong emphasis on exercise and we did exercise/sporting on a daily basis. Now I am practicing yoga twice a week and I recently started taking Tai Chi classes at my local gym. Mentally, I am much more confident. I was diagnosed with dipsomania (an uncontrollable craving for alcohol) so I am learning to take life one day at a time. I now understand that letting go is the right thing for me to do. Socially, I feel like I have grown. During my treatment, I suddenly became more interested in the human part of life.

I have made a commitment to stay completely abstinent, a commitment shaped by my experiences at The Cabin. If anyone is suffering from alcohol addiction, I would highly recommend getting treatment at The Cabin. They helped me to overcome my addiction and start a new chapter in my life.


Written by Anna

I've spent the last 5 years watching my son destroy his life with drugs and alcohol. To see your son suffer and not be able to help him is a terrible feeling that I would not wish on anyone. I tried to talk to him about his addiction, well we all did, but he just wouldn't listen. That's why I was surprised when he told me he needed help. I don't know what exactly you all did for my boy, but he is better. When we picked him up at the airport, it was shocking to see him so healthy. He is living with us now until he can get back on his feet.

I know he still struggles and gets depressed sometimes but I know he's not using. Michael runs everyday, spends a lot of time reading and goes to Narcotics Anonymous meetings twice a week. He found a job at a mechanics shop and is saving money to go back to school. He says he wants to study Engineering. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that you could help him. He's been using for so long, I guess I didn't know if he could break the habit. He doesn't talk about rehab much, says it's too personal. He did say you have a beautiful place and speaks highly of your counsellors. I just wanted to write you and say thank you so much for giving me my son back. Whatever you did, made him better and I will always be grateful to you all.

Written by: a recovering addict

My name is Carole and I am a 34 year old expat who was living in Thailand. Last year I tried yaba known by the Thai's as the “crazy drug.” Yaba is an insane drug and I can't believe I let myself get sucked into it. My neighbour offered it to me and said it gave her more energy and helped her to lose weight. I knew what it was when I took it, I'll admit that. Don't know what I was thinking, maybe I was just bored and wanted a little more excitement in my life. Yaba totally took hold of me. I was supposed to go back to the U.K. last summer but stayed instead. Yaba is cheap and the cost of living here is too so I wasn't motivated financially to quit. When my sister came to visit me in April, I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. She was so upset to see me like that. It is because of her that I went to The Cabin.

I only stayed for 14 days but it definitely changed my perspective. I realised I had to get away from the people who were pulling me down. Probably the biggest benefit was that I was able to just calm down. I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time. I know I will never use again. I have lost my desire. I left Thailand and I'm back in the U.K trying to sort my life out. Luckily I have great friends and a loving family to turn to when I get down. Many thanks to The Cabin for giving me space to breathe and a place to recover.


Written by Julie

I wanted to write you on behalf of our entire family to say thank you for helping Carole get clean from her addiction to Yaba. I will never forget when I came to Thailand and saw her all strung out on drugs. She looked so terrible, it really broke my heart to see her that way. The worst part was that no one in the family had any idea of what was going on. No one even knew she was using drugs.

That day, when I brought her to The Cabin centre, you were so kind to us despite her not so kind words. I'm sure she hadn't slept for days as she doesn't remember anything. She doesn't like to talk about rehab much. I think she is still pretty ashamed about the whole thing. She did say that your counsellors were wonderful and that she was able to get some of the best sleep she has had in years. I think it gave her the opportunity to cultivate some peace and begin the healing process. As you know, Carole moved back to the UK to stay with me for awhile. She looks great and is doing so much better. I know she still struggles because sometimes I can see the sadness in her eyes. I think she misses Thailand. I know she appreciates the much needed support and I am so thankful you all are continuing to help her.

Again, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and the counsellors at your centre. You gave me back my sister and that's something I will always be thankful for. Best of luck to you and The Cabin.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

Sheetal x

I have been meaning to see you an update but more importantly a sincere gratitude, to playing a pivotal part in my recovery. I cannot convey, the level of gratitude I have for you to saving my life. Knowing, that my ED and childhood trauma, was what was I needed to be saved from, was what I can only describe as a message from the above sent through you. The connection to have Lelani, (ex Cabin employee ) to see me through my trauma, emotional sobriety has got me on the road of recovery, of being 3 months of substance sobriety, ED, alcohol but also more importantly 3 months of emotional sobriety. I am still at Oasis, and staying on till I am 4.5 months completed- something I never thought I would do. This has been the school of Life for me, an opportunity and gift that I will forever be indebted for. Working the steps with Mandy spiritually, thereupitically with Lelani, has all be initiated and guided by your knowing. Forever grateful for seeing me, and knowing where I needed to heal. I look forward to the day that you’re in the UK, where we can bond further over a homemade curry.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

My time at The Cabin was by far the most enjoyable and beneficial experience I’ve had in any treatment centre. With many of The Cabin’s staff in recovery themselves, their ability to draw on their own experiences really helped me and I also found their success inspirational. There is no other treatment centre that I have stayed longer. I would recommend this place over any other place I’ve been.


The support staff have been amazing. The overall programme is done really well and the support from the treatment team has been exemplary. Working through group dynamics, while challenging, has been helpful for my growth in dealing with people that are different from me.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

The Cabin offers a really solid program which is leaded by very experienced therapists. For someone who has been to treatment before several times i really see that the cabin is striving to be the best in what they're doing. They have thought about everything and put a lot of time in every client. The new trauma-informed program makes sense and i think that really makes a difference in the well being of clients.

The Cabin's Client in recovery

Great environment with luxurious and comfortable facilities. Great counsellors with ample experience in recovery. Detailed and holistic programme that helped me facilitate my recovery in my physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual health - Continuing care programme that offers continual work on the material learnt here at The Cabin.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

I think the cabin has a great culture of acceptance and understanding. I felt comfortable and able to share my stories almost immediately. The guys here are all amazing and focused on recovery, mental health and learning about the disease of addiction. Vinnie and his team work hard to make us comfortable and instantly i knew i could trust them. Glyn and the counselling team have years of knowledge and personal experiences that i really connected with.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

Overall experience was good, however I have a feeling the counsellors were stretched due to the amount of clients during my stay. I sincerely appreciate the support from all the counsellors. John pushed me in ways that was at the time uncomfortable, but I now appreciate he was doing that to help me grow. Thanks John!

The Cabin's Client in recovery

I've been home just shy of 3 years and am happy to say I'm still sober and continue my recovery plan with the help of AA and The Cabin's continuing care. I can't imagine my life today without a strong recovery program, which is all due to The Cabin. What a magical place filled with tools and teachers to guide us "addicts" to a better life. I consider myself so fortunate and forever grateful to you all.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

#Client in recovery

As hard and challenging as it was I enjoyed the hard and fun. I have learn so much about myself and truly believe I have accomplished and learnt the starting skills to overcome my obstacles in life. These were; Learn to let go of the past and to learn how to love myself as I am. I will continue to learn for the rest of my life, but that discomfort and pain I now have the basic skills that point me in the right direction and I can sit with pain and discomfort without using substance to numb. Life is exciting for the first time in 15 years.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

THE CABIN is the best treatment program, especially for women who've experienced trauma and addiction, that I have experienced. I studied Addiction treatment counselling for four years. I was sober for 12 years. I have been a patient at treatment facilities in Santa Barbara, Connecticut, and I was a long-time patient at the Institiute for Living. THE CABIN is the best, by far of all of these. The reason is not only because of what I have already mentioned, but most importantly, the counselors, support, and other staff have the strongest boundaries and professionalism I've seen. They do not ever value personalities over principles into their care. They are consistently safe. THANK YOU.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

The Cabin's Client in recovery

It's been a fantastic experience - I have not always been able to understand the program on the way through - but staying the complete course has enabled me to see the value the program has. I am grateful for the experience and certainly see The Cabin as a lifechanging experience and one that will (hopefully) change the course of my life for the better.

Testimonial Client in Recovery

Pati, Qatar

When I came in, I was utterly hopeless and completely broken physically, spiritually and emotionally. The time that I spent here literally saved my life. The level of care and commitment from the staff and the counsellors and the people in my groups – it was extraordinary.

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