Sunday Excursions

Sunday Excursions

A vital part of the recovery process is to learn to enjoy life again. When you’re here at The Cabin, we’ll encourage you to explore the natural beauty of the area, under the watchful care of our highly trained support staff, and participate in exciting activities such as white water rafting, zip-lining and much more. 

Depending on your length of stay with us, you can enjoy up to 12 different professionally run excursions which truly offer something for everyone.

We encourage our clients to make the most of their time with us and to make the most of what beautiful Northern Thailand has to offer. Clients often tell us that they laughed and truly enjoyed themselves for the first time in a long time during one of our Sunday excursions. Indeed, life in recovery was meant to be a bore, and our excursions play an important role in teaching clients how to build a life in recovery that is worth holding on to.

Our Adventure Excursions We Offer

Our Chilling Excursions We Offer

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