We treat a wide variety of process and substance addictions. Our substance addiction treatment programme treats alcohol and other substance addictions, while our process addiction treatment includes eating, gambling and sex. We also treat co-occurring disorders that frequently occur with addiction, such as depression and anxiety; as well as treating trauma – which is often one of the causes of addiction.


Our approach to addiction treatment includes a contemporary, smart, physical and holistic treatment programme, which we are globally recognised for in the behavioural health profession community. The main treatment we use is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a highly tailored approach modified to each individual’s specific needs. We also weave in additional treatment modalities into the program including art therapy and holistic treatment to help surface issues that can better be addressed through the combination of group and one-to-one counselling sessions.

Our Programme has a foundation in the 12 Steps method which our clinical team have adapted to be culturally sensitive and suit modern-day addictions. The core programme is enhanced with Mindfulness Therapy (therapeutic meditation techniques) and personalised Exercise Therapy.

We offer an evidence-based therapy called EMDR for clients who are also experiencing PTSD or trauma symptoms in addition to other modalities such as neurofeedback

Inpatient rehab gives you the opportunity to work through your addiction for a significant time period without the interruptions and distractions of daily life. By engaging in an inpatient programme, you can consider all aspects of life, find out the root cause of issues, evaluate living patterns and relationships, and eventually reprioritise and restructure your life to start living in a healthy and fulfilling way.

During your rehab, you will experience complete honesty with yourself in an environment that is nurturing, supportive and healing. You will have structure, supervision, no access to drugs or alcohol, no negative influences, therapy options, a nutritious and balanced diet, and tools for recovery. You will be able to completely focus on yourself.

The Cabin inpatient programme combines a unique and personalised programme with a variety of therapeutic approaches in a setting that gives each client the necessary tools to succeed in ongoing recovery. Inpatient treatment can give you a new chance at life and help you realise that suffering from a bad disease does not make you a bad person. You can begin again with the tools and support that are given to you throughout the duration of the programme (including aftercare).

Our addiction treatment programmes include private accommodation, all meals, individual counselling, group addiction therapy sessions, physical therapy, massage therapy, weekly excursions and aftercare (detailed in Q#15).

We offer a four week accelerated programme, 8 week or 12 week recovery programme, and a tailored-duration programme. Your length of stay depends on your individual needs and your treatment plan is personalised to suit your requirements.

From Monday to Friday, daily routines typically include group therapy, one-on-one therapy, fitness therapy, mindfulness coaching and other therapeutic workshops.

On Saturday, clients participate Muay Thai or recovery meetings, while afternoons are for personal time or they can make use of our professional grooming services. Sunday are reserved for fun day trips or excursions around Chiang Mai.

An example of a day in The Cabin from the weekly schedule is as follows:

7:00 – 7:45amYoga/fitness
7:45 – 8:30amBreakfast
9:00 – 10:30amGroup Therapy/Comunity Group
11:00am – 12:00pmMindfulness & Meditation
12:30 – 1:30pmLunch
2:00 – 5:00pmTherapeutic Appointments
6:00 – 7:00pmMindfulness & Meditation
7:15 – 8:30pmDinner
8:30 – 10:00pmFree Time

The Cabin encourages clients to experience fun activities every Sunday by joining excursions that are professionally managed and clients are also attended to by The Cabin clinical support staff. You will be able to go on a number of different excursions once a week (Sunday), depending on the duration of your programme.The Cabin encourages clients to experience fun activities every Sunday by joining

The Cabin provides an optimal environment for a total immersion treatment program. We do understand that some communication, e.g., vis-à-vis family or business, is necessary or helpful. That said, during your treatment stay at The Cabin, you will have limited phone and Internet access. Learn more about our Electronics Policy.

Family Treatment Programme is available free of charge and allows the client’s family to be involved in the treatment in order to reach better results. We encourage all of our client’s families to participate. This is not only beneficial to their loved one but to themselves as well. The family programme takes place over the last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of every month.

A 35% deposit is required for all reservations in order to book your place. Full payment is due prior to arrival at The Cabin Chiang Mai.

The Cabin is the only treatment centre that offers a pro-rata refund on request if a client chooses to exit the programme within 7 days of arrival, with only the 35% deposit being non-refundable. We offer this because we are confident in the quality of our treatment programme.

We are a recognized provider by many major worldwide insurers, including but not exclusively: Aetna, CIGNA, United Healthcare and the VA Foreign Medical Programme.  We have more than a decade of experience helping clients successfully claim their insurance for conditions such as substance abuse, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar and depression. We work closely to provide the necessary bespoke reports that serve the requirements needed to get a GOP or to provide supporting documentation. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider directly to find out what your policy covers.

At The Cabin we understand that aftercare is vital to relapse prevention and we ensure that all clients have access to the aftercare they need. We offer a free ongoing aftercare programme that consists of regular online video group therapy sessions where clients can see and interact not only with the counsellor but with the other participants as well. The familiarity of this continuing group dynamic has been found to increase the overall success and effectiveness of our addiction treatment programme.

The free and compulsory group counselling sessions can also be complimented with paid for one-on-one, additional group or family counselling sessions. In addition, we have outpatient clinics in various cities including Hong KongSingapore, and Sydney as well as the ability to work with clients across the world via telemedicine.