About Our Rehab

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The Cabin Group

The Cabin is an innovative and dynamic mission-led organization that exists to help people reach their highest potential and to live meaningful and fulfilling lives – often in the context of social disadvantage, trauma, disability or illness. We do this by creating the best programs for our clients and by continuously auditing and reviewing all of our evidenced based clinical interventions to unlock the potential of both individuals and our skilled therapists who guide and support them. At The Cabin we believe that by balancing clear thinking, human connection and action – using the head, heart and hands – we can continue to make a real difference in the world.

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Trusted Treatments and Proven Results

The Cabin is Asia’s most respected rehab and home to the region’s premier treatment programs for substance and alcohol addiction, trauma, gambling and sex addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety disorders, and co-dependency. Located in the foothills of Northern Thailand, a one-hour flight north of Bangkok.
Our client’s privacy and anonymity are assured at our secluded riverside facility which features an atmosphere perfectly conducive to recovery. 

For more than a decade The Cabin has helped patients heal, by addressing not just their behaviours and symptoms, but also providing them with the essential tools required to tackle the root causes of their disorders and to achieve lasting recovery. Successfully treated more than 5,000 people suffering from addiction from all parts of the world – a testament to the reputation we have earned of being  ‘the Betty Ford of Asia’.

At The Cabin, we take your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing extremely seriously. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that clinicians and professionals from around the globe trust us more than any other treatment facility because of our impeccable reputation for quality treatment programmes, professional integrity, and proven results.

On top of our world-class treatment programme, clients are far from their usual using triggers and enjoy the chance to go on a range of exciting excursions in one of the world’s greatest adventure destinations. Our addiction treatment programmes are all inclusive of private accommodation, all meals, individual and group addiction counselling sessions, fitness therapy, massage treatment, weekly excursions, and aftercare coaching.

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Medical Advisory Board

The Cabin maintains a Medical Advisory Board (MAB) that is comprised of recognized experts and thought leaders from across the globe. The mission of the MAB is to support the clinical and operational teams in their pursuit of excellent treatment. Because the strength of the clinical team and the support behind it makes all the difference to those that we treat.
Dr John Ulatowski

Dr. John Ulatowski

Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
Dr. John has specialized in neurology and neuroscience combined with a focus on sedation and disorders of consciousness. Dr. John is practicing physician who was also a former health system CEO and a consultant in international concierge medicine.
Dr Begona San Jose

Dr. Begoña San José

Dr. Begoña San José resides in Vienna, Austria and is the founder of Beandgo, a consultancy firm dedicated to people and healthcare. She started her professional career as a researcher in an Addiction Research Institute where she investigated alcohol consumption. Dr. Bego has also worked for multinational insurance companies in a global role leading health partnerships.
Dr Muhammad Chaudhry

Dr. Muhammad Chaudhry

Dr. Muhammad Chaudhry is an assistant professor of Radiology and Radiological Science at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. His professional accomplishments include the building of successful partnerships and alliances with prominent academic, corporate, and government healthcare organizations, including Johns Hopkins Healthcare, Mubadala Healthcare, Saudi Aramco, Siemens Healthcare and the Government of Abu Dhabi Healthcare Regulatory Authority.
Dr Howard Podolsky

Dr. Howard Podolsky

Dr. Howard Podolsky is the Group Chief Executive Officer for Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, and brings extensive experience in healthcare management, hospital and healthcare provider administration, risk management, quality improvement and patient safety to his role. He has served in positions of responsibility – including as Vice President of Medical Affairs, Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Quality Officer, for a number of healthcare organizations throughout the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Why The Cabin?​

Apart from our commitment to upholding a superior level of client confidentiality; below are the many reasons why The Cabin Addiction Services Group is considered the most respected rehab provide in Asia by the international behavioural health community; as well as why it is the preferred choice for people seeking effective addiction treatment from around the globe.


  • // We specialise in the treatment of both substance addictions (alcohol and drugs in some locations), and process or behavioural addictions (sex, gambling, food addictions).
  • // We use a culturally-sensitive, evidence-based treatment model called Changing Pathways that is specially designed to allow us to effectively tailor treatment to the specific needs of each client
  • // We emphasise a holistic approach with a daily treatment programme that includes individual counselling, group therapy, mindfulness coaching, physical fitness therapy including personal training, massage therapy and weekly excursions to enjoy the natural and cultural attractions of Chiang Mai.
  • // Our secluded, luxury facility offers a serene and stress-free environment far from triggers that is extremely conducive to recovery.
  • // We also place great importance on family involvement – client treatment includes a Family Programme.
  • // Treatment includes a dedicated aftercare programme through which we monitor and support a client’s progress for as long as requires.


  • // The Cabin Group has provider residential in Thailand, Outpatient in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. And Online service internationally. 
  • // Our flagship facility is located in Chiang Mai – the charming cultural capital of Northern Thailand – on the tropical riverbank of The Ping River, oasis of peace where clients can completely concentrate on achieving recovery, healing and growing.
  • // Chiang Mai is less than a one-hour flight from Bangkok with over 20 flights daily as well as several direct flights from Asian hub cities
  • // Chiang Mai is also a popular adventure tourism destination, with white-water rafting, elephant treks, mountain biking and jungle canopy zipline adventures on offer. You’ll return home from your action-packed ‘holiday’ looking (and feeling) happy, healthy and reinvigorated.
  • // Thailand’s is Asia’s second largest medical tourism destination with a world-class medical infrastructure that offers cutting edge medical solutions, internationally recognised and accredited hospitals and practitioners
  • // Last but not least, Thailand offers mouth-watering cuisine, Thai food being one of the most popular international foods available worldwide.
You won’t find another rehab that takes better care of you than The Cabin
Contact us today to learn how we can help you take the first step toward recovery.