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Primary Clinician – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • To deliver a high level of case management skills to Clients accessing care within the designated village of employment.
  • Production and delivery of clinical reports
  • To consistently demonstrate a coherent ability to communicate effectively with family members, referral partners and loved ones.
  • Act as a key liaison and primary point of contact with referrers and comply with reporting mechanisms as required by referrers and criminal justice professionals.
  • Employees are expected to be able to work both autonomously and independently and as part of a team in developing case conceptualization and case management skills.
  • Employees are expected to have a high degree of time management and be punctual for all clinical engagements.
  • Employees must be able to demonstrate a high level of clinical integrity and conduct their affairs with clinical probity.
  • Employees must be respectful at all times and conduct themselves according to their accrediting bodies’ ethical framework and code of conduct.
  • Employees are expected to be competent in the delivery of psychotherapeutic groups and integrative counselling models.
  • Employees should have a good working knowledge of cognitive behavioural therapy principles and techniques.
  • To take part in training and development and continuing professional development on a consistant basis.
  • To engage in regular clinical supervision.
  • To work with management to achieve all key performance indicators set down within the terms and conditions or engagement.

Please note: Employees must be able to demonstrate effective clinical delivery of Interpersonal Group Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Integrative Counselling. These are deemed to be core competencies for this role. Primary clinicians should hold registration in their country of origin and be fluent and licensed to practice in English. Internationally recognized qualifications that are comparable to Masters Level are preferable, together with 5 years of solid clinical experience. Failure to produce appropriate proof of current registration will lead to termination. Specialist interests are actively encouraged and our treatment program offers the flexibility for originality in treatment delivery. Delivery of specialisms must sit in line with best practice and conform to mainstream models of evidence based practice. The Cabin seeks to maintain the highest possible standards of clinical probity and standards within its clinical staff team. A high level of ethical and clinical conduct is expected from all clinical staff. Therapists are expected to disclose any issues that may affect their ability to work within the field and must be able to demonstrate up-to-date accreditation and registration. Omission to disclose issues that may conflict with ethical standards and principles, current or otherwise, may lead to termination of employment.


  • Relevant academic qualifications at MSc or equivalent. Over 550 documented or evidenced clinical hours within an appropriate time frame to the commencement of clinical duties.
  • Minimum 30 hours of documented and evidenced clinical supervision within the 2 years prior to commencing clinical duties.
  • Able to demonstrate a high standard of clinical reporting.
  • Applicants should have excellent communication and administrative abilities, with a flair for client-led care delivery.
  • A calm, methodical, yet dynamic approach to service delivery.
  • IT skills and scheduling experience is essential.
  • Training will be provided for staff.

Support Staff – The Cabin Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand

To perform mainly, but not solely, practical duties. These will include playing a supportive role to the counselling team in carrying out tasks for clients that have been identified as aiding the therapeutic process and specified in detail in the daily workbook and multidisciplinary team handovers. Managing the support team and liaison with other departments to ensure the smooth running of the treatment program. To be a key team member in intake, orientation and discharge procedures.


  • Working knowledge of the core functions of each of the TCCM departments.
  • Excellent organizational, communication, record-keeping, and multi-tasking skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving and crisis-management skills.
  • Advanced proficiency in Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, and calendar management software.
  • Advanced proficiency in electronic medical records management systems.

Client Admissions Manager – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Receive and respond to incoming calls, emails and other channels from potential clients,
  • Exchange information to identify client needs, and determine the Company’s ability to meet them. Identify the best product/service to offer the client
  • Provide follow-up information, including templated responses, to clients
  • Record the outcome of an enquiry into the database, ensuring all the required information is collected and the fields are completed in the database
  • Plan and make follow-up calls/emails where necessary
  • Perform an assessment with clients or liaise with counsellors to arrange for one if circumstances warrant it.
  • Process documentation of the arrivals process
  • Provide logistical support to clients before and after treatment
  • Liaise with the Accounts department on client invoicing and payment
  • Provide feedback to Relationship Team on client referrals from 3rdparty professionals
  • Coordinating logistics between different departments until client arrival
  • Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports, Reports will be daily enquiry logs with weekly and monthly sales reports
  • Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; preparing reports; making recommendations to management
  • General administrative duties and others as assigned by Direct Manager


  • Native English Speaker
  • Age: 28+
  • University degree
  • Knowledge of sales-based database systems
  • Strong sales skills tempered by an empathic approach
  • Proficient in relevant office computer software and applications

Holistic Practitioner – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Provide a holistic introduction to clients upon admission
  • Provide individual and group Holistic Therapy sessions in areas of expertise; Mindfulness
  • Develop and revise individualized holistic therapy treatment plans based on clients’ needs in areas of expertise
  • Coordinate with all departments to ensure the delivery of optimal client care
  • Comply with organizational policies and procedures
  • Receive timely supervision, appraisals, support, and training from reporting manager to meet the identified key performance indicators
  • Be responsible for other duties and assignments as assigned by Direct Manager


  • Certificate(s) in holistic to demonstrate training and supervision has been received through a reputable training provider in the following areas of holistic practices:
    • Trauma/Tension Releasing Exercises
    • Yoga – completion of 200 hours of yoga teacher training
    • Reiki, Qigong, Taichi
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in art therapy, music therapy, or equivalent experience/training in other areas of holistic/mindfulness therapy
  • Document 2 or more years of experience in delivering holistic therapy
  • Excellent organizational, communication, record-keeping, and multi-tasking skills
  • Basic problem-solving and crisis-management skills
  • Basic proficiency in Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, and calendar
    management software
  • Basic proficiency in electronic medical records management system

Senior Marketing Manager/ Marketing Director – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • Develop and lead the implementation of the overall marketing strategy globally

  • Lead and supervised the marketing team in achieving revenue objectives

  • Manage the day-to-day running of the marketing department ensuring all promotional activities are executed on time and to budget i.e. Paid online promotion, PPC, Offline marketing outreaches, etc.

  • Responsible for marketing activities budget and complying with approved budgets.

  • Design and produce marketing resources as required and to budget.

  • Develop and implement the business development strategy for entering new markets

  • Manage and drive overall digital marketing campaigns and strategies to increase the number of leads and ultimately admissions

  • Improve brand awareness and increase website traffic

  • Develop a communication strategy for creating and maintaining regular communication with clients, referrers and other relevant parties as well as following up with new markets

  • Anticipate and manage compliance and risk issues in accordance with company policies

  • Create and oversee marketing budget, ensure cost control and budgeted expenses are met

  • Keep current with supply and demand, changing trends, online and digital technology, marketing concepts and trends, economic indicators and competitors

  • Provides inspiring leadership and oversees all marketing activities

  • Coaches new team members, performance appraisals and implements disciplinary action as required.

  • Engages in public relations when required, liaising with representatives of the media to maximize positive exposure and minimize negative exposure

  • Develops and implements marketing promotions, advertising campaigns, managing social media & marketing avenues

  • Grow awareness through social media and other community channels

  • Oversee the following areas: improving web presence, strategic affiliations, advertising strategy, and building strong relations with referral partners

  • Comply with the company ethics and compliance policy in all activities.

  • Perform other assignments assigned by Direct Manager or company


  • Bachelor’s or Masters’s Degree in Marketing or a related field

  • A minimum of proven 5 year-experience in a Senior Marketing role

  • Demonstrable experience in managing digital marketing campaigns and branding

  • Experience in the health, tourism or medical tourism industry is an advantage

  • Foreigner (Native English Speaker) or Thai with excellent command of English Skills

  • High competence in computer and office software, web and desktop publishing software and plus

  • Good interpersonal skills, team player with excellent communication and time management skills

  • Good research and analysis skills

  • Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented

  • Commitment to superior customer service and the right attitude to challenge and pressure

Intensive Outpatient Counsellor (Part Time/Full Time) – Australia (IOP)

Only English resumes will be considered.

Location: Australia

1. Experience & Skills Required:

  • Good command of communication, record-keeping, and multi-tasking skills

  • Problem-solving and crisis management skills

  • Basic knowledge in Microsoft Documents and Google Platform

  • Basic knowledge in electronic medical records management systems is beneficial

2. Competencies:

  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and organisational skills
  • Good command of computer literacy including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, email and internet
  • Ability to work in a team

3. Key responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for online/face-to-face Assessments of Clients and perform one-on-one counselling sessions as well as supervising a 3-hour group session. The group sessions include a process group, follows by a group where clients do detailed work. In addition, you will be carrying out assessments and writing reports for referring practitioners and family work.
  2. Support referral of clients to residential treatment when appropriate and follow up online/face-to-face counselling sessions, including individual, couple and family counselling.
  3. Content creation and facilitation of Group Therapy Sessions.
  4. Retain up-to-date clinical records for client treatment and ensure they are stored securely in a locked cabinet and/or electronically as appropriate.
  5. Report clinical, legal, and ethical issues to the Director of Outpatient Treatment in a timely manner.
  6. Liaison with medical, governmental and NGO entities.
  7. Facilitate workshops and training for outside agencies as needed
  8. Solicit and secure business connections and clients for The Cabin.
  9. Attend any local conferences and relevant community networking opportunities
  10. Identify and cultivate additional referral channels for The Cabin residential treatment
  11. Check and follow up as needed with clients for financial payments, renewals and treatments.
  12. Duties will include general administration duties, local marketing support and clinical duties where appropriate and perform any and all duties that are reasonable and are customarily performed by a person holding a similar position in the industry or business of the Employer.

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