To resolve addiction issues, inpatient treatment or residential rehab is not always required. However, if you do not have chronic forms of physical, psychological, or emotional problems resulting from your substance abuse or addiction, regular attendance at an outpatient programme can help you recover. Still, an inpatient treatment centre is always open for individuals with acute addiction or any co-occurring disorders.

Inpatient treatment can assist you or someone close to you in detoxing from alcohol or drug substances while also providing trauma treatment to prevent anxiety disorder or other mental issues that may cause a relapse.

If you are searching for inpatient treatment for the first time, you might be surprised by the number of methods and approaches available. Quality inpatient treatment centres frequently offer varying levels of care to match the specific requirements of the individual.

Several on-site variables will influence your choice. You should find out what services are available on-site at treatment centres. Some inpatient treatment programmes offer specialised services at various locations. They might also provide some services online instead of physically in person. If you choose inpatient treatment, the duration of your stay may differ depending on the assessment of the treatment centre.

Selecting the Right Inpatient Treatment Centre for Your Needs

When it comes to alcohol addiction or drug addiction, there is no such thing as a universal method of addiction treatment. Making a choice of a treatment centre for yourself or someone you love is often a daunting task. Addiction is a multifaceted disease, and for some people, the chance to engage in inpatient treatment is rarely available, either due to the lack of awareness of such programmes or the prohibitive cost involved in some parts of the world compared to our rehab in Thailand. A programme tailored to the person’s specific requirements is vital to their journey toward recovery.

A successful substance abuse or addiction treatment programme should provide care that is timely, extensive, individually tailored, and evidence-based. The programme should confront the underlying issues while taking into account the entire spectrum of human fundamentals, including clinical, psychological, emotional, physiological, nutritional, and spiritual requirements. The treatment plan is then further tailored to the person’s specific requirements. To fulfil this, it is highly recommended that the patient should go through a comprehensive psychological and medical evaluation upon admittance in order to assess and comprehend their specific needs.

Lastly, be sure to check out the reviews and experiences about any treatment centres you come across. If there are numerous negative remarks and reviews, be wary of the clinic and its programmes. These comments and stories have most likely been recorded by someone in a similar situation to yourself, so it’s beneficial to read them to gain some understanding and insight into their offerings, prior patient health and wellbeing, and the overall effectiveness of their programmes.

What Does Inpatient Treatment Typically Involve?

Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive type of care available. This programme can help you recover from a wide range of psychological and behavioural issues, and addiction problems. It enables you to take some time off from your everyday life, allowing you to temporarily discard any triggers or harmful tendencies and concentrate on your restoration and general health.

It’s natural to be intimidated by the prospect of an inpatient treatment centre at the beginning. This type of treatment, on the other hand, gives you the time, support, and dedication that is required to truly deal with your challenges, address any root issues or triggers, enhance your overall quality of life, and achieve a complete and enduring recovery.

After you have compared all the centres and their programmes, you can pick the one that better serves your needs. Each centre will have its own guidelines and procedures for enrolling in its programmes. To ensure your success, carefully inspect and adhere to the enrollment guidelines.

Once you have decided on an inpatient treatment facility, you can begin your programme. An inpatient centre will provide you with a variety of services, such as 24-hour support 7 days a week. Constant supervision reduces the possibility of relapse throughout your stay and limits diversions from home. When you encounter unsettling withdrawal effects or cravings, you will be in a sober and secure place with access to healthcare staff.

This continual support will provide you and your family with a sense of comfort during your stay. You can depend on fully-trained medical personnel to assist you whether you are experiencing withdrawal effects in the middle of the night and cannot sleep or become more agitated than normal during the day. The staff at the treatment centre are committed to making your sober transition as comfortable and secure as possible.

Inpatient treatment at The Cabin

  • Residential programme completed on-site in Chiang Mai
  • A distraction-free experience allowing you to focus solely on recovery
  • Dynamic programmes that address everything from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, dependency, acute and complex trauma treatment, mental health issues, intimacy issues, disordered eating, gambling, sex addiction
  • 24/7 nursing care and medical oversight, and medication management
  • Includes therapy groups, individual counselling, peer support, education, exclusive one-on-one fitness training, holistic sessions, and aftercare
  • Exclusive holistic therapies, including yoga, tension release exercise, sound healing, Mindfulness, Reiki, and weekly resiliency-building excursions
  • Immersive focus on developing personal transformation and the recovery skills needed for post-treatment life
  • Seamless referral in the final weeks of your treatment into our global intensive outpatient network, allowing you to step down after

At The Cabin, we know that no two people are exactly the same, and what you need at any given time may change based on both your circumstances and where you are on your journey through life.

The Cabin is Asia’s most respected rehab and home to the region’s premier treatment programmes for substance and alcohol addiction, trauma, gambling and sex addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety disorders, and co-dependency. 

Located in the foothills of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, a one-hour flight north of Bangkok. Our client’s privacy and anonymity are assured at our secluded riverside facility, which features an atmosphere perfectly conducive to recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling, we’re here for you. Instead of a quick fix, our compassionate team of experts at The Cabin is waiting to help you begin your journey toward long-term recovery that focuses on the whole person by addressing any underlying mental health conditions or trauma that may be perpetuating the addiction. Get help now by contacting our admissions team.

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