The Base Camp recovery programme is a mix of scientifically driven treatment and outward-bound approaches to behaviour change and learning that are as far removed as you can get from the isolation of addiction, trauma, extreme anxiety, and dependency. At Base Camp behaviour modification and learning have become more than just a set of methods and activities. It is your design for life.

At the house, Clients learn to provide one another with support, while still attending daily morning groups and one-on-one counselling sessions with qualified Cabin staff. They take responsibility for their own recovery by attending recovery meetings, participating in fitness and vocational programmes. All clients are encouraged and guided to make positive use of their time.

By the time the client moves on from the Recovery House, they will have been provided with a firm basis on which to base the next stage of their recovery. They will have developed new interests, new or revived hopes, goals, and dreams, and have had support in learning how to deal with challenges that can arise and threaten their sobriety. This is a unique opportunity for continued growth in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities of Southeast Asia.

Base Camp Recovery House Programme

The Base Camp Recovery House Programme has been designed to allow clients the opportunity to re-enter society as responsible citizens who can make meaningful contributions to it while maintaining their new “Recovery” status in a protected environment – before they head back to the “real world”.

The weekly programme is a mix of on-going therapeutic support, vocational work, fitness training and enjoyable social activities. The therapy programme at Base Camp includes:

  • The Kintsugi Programme: Acceptance Commitment Therapy and CBT 
  • Group Excursions: Mini-excursions, rock-climbing, waterfall hiking
  • In-house Kintsugi Recovery Meeting
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Spartan Race Training
  • Fencing
  • Iron Man Triathlon Training
  • Goals Group 
  • Gratitude Group
  • Art Psychotherapy
  • Life Coaching
  • House Issues Meeting
  • Monthly Overnight Expedition
The Cabin Recovery House
The Cabin Recovery House
The Cabin Recovery House Art Therapy

All of our residential clients are encouraged to take part in a physical fitness programme. 

Our lessons are plenty. 

All our accommodation is supervised round the clock and all clients stay on one gated site with 24-hour security. CCTV is deployed across our exclusive site to provide additional safety for all residents staying at Base Camp. Urinalysis and drug testing are mandatory at Base Camp Recovery House from The Cabin Rahab. Overnight staff are present each evening. Safety is paramount. At Base Camp, we’ve got you.

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