Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
– Carl G.Jung.

Art Psychotherapy facilitates bringing our subconscious into the conscious thus permitting us to become the master of our mind and therefore our destiny.

Practical knowledge, speaking, and understanding are functions of the left side of our brain which is considered the ‘conscious’ side. Emotional and visual memory together with creativity are functions of the right side of the brain which is considered the ‘subconscious’ side.

Many of the challenges we are presently facing in life have their origins in adverse emotional events that occurred deep in our past. We can perhaps remember what happened during these events, but often we cannot feel the emotions related to them because they are stored in our subconscious mind, from where they exert great influence on our lives today. To succeed in our recovery we need to process the invisible core issues which are the source of much of the pain and difficulty in our current lives. Not being able to access our unconscious mind leaves us feeling stuck and powerless to move forward.

Art Psychotherapy does not require any artistic skills but through the creative process itself, under the guidance of a trained specialist, hidden areas of our subconscious emotional memory, are released. 

This allows a profound and powerful communication to take place between our unconscious and our conscious mind whereby we can finally access the key emotions that are behind the unhelpful, beliefs, thought patterns, emotional states, and behaviours that are bothering us, and resolve them.

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